O tempo social é influenciado pela linguagem que restringe e fixa conceitos prévios e modos de pensar – uma defesa do tempo, Harold Innis

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Jornais: o que está em crise é a forma como eles pensam o negócio

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What’s the right way to respond when technology disrupts the position of an established business? The Harvard Business School professor has lessons for the news business from other industries.


Rodrigo Mesquita‘s insight:

Even the newspaper business is in a growth industry…It’s just their way of thinking  about the industry that is in decline

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Há futuro para os jornais impressos

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“The direction of travel is clearly toward ‘new’ media, but ‘old’ media are still very much with us and do not appear to be about to disappear wholesale.”

As this year begins, three notable reports share the same conclusion about the future of news: The path we are on is uncertain and debatable. But two of the three studies now see an extended economic shelf life for print, even as audiences swing digital and the search for viable digital news products continues.

Exhibit A: Earl Wilkinson, the globe-trotting executive director of the International News Media Association. A year ago, his speeches and annual summary report were focused on the difficulty of culture change at newspaper organizations and the need for faster digital innovation.This year’s outlook report, published in December, was subtitled “The Print + Digital Dynamic.
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07/11/2012, 6:55: a vitória do Obama na rede

Acordo às 6 hs, ligo meu smartphone e navego pelo twitter, zite, flipboard, instagram, facebook por quinze minutos. Obama second term: What it means for the world‘Four more years’: Barack Obama’s tweet most popular ever; Los estudiantes de la Harvard Business School votan por Obama; Democrats Rack Up Wins to Keep Senate MajorityHail ‘O’ Caesar; Americans Celebrate President Barack Obama’s Victory. Qual o papel dos jornais e das empresas que os sustentam no novo ecossistema informação, comunicação e articulação da sociedade? Neste texto Na Encruzilhada do Futuro do Presente, uma tentativa de abrir uma conversa sobre esta questão para a qual você está convidado a participar.

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